Werewolf Fox Kin – Halloween Limited Edition





AhHoooo! Werewolf Fox Kin is all dressed up and ready to join his friends for The Monster Ball. With his white-tipped tail, sweet eyes, and toothy grin, Werewolf Fox Kin will delight both children and caregivers alike.

A detachable plaid shirt encourages children to dream, explore, and act out the lessons in “Halloween Fright” through imaginative play. 

What’s Included;

Werewolf Fox Kin – measures approx. 6″W x 14″L

Halloween Fright Affirmation Card – 5″W x 7″L

Halloween Fright Hardcover Book – 8″W x 10″L “Halloween Fright”

Hardcover Book encourages children to lean into their curiosity and face their fears when they feel ready. Reflect & Connect Questions support thoughtful discussions and deepen children’s learning. Practicing the “Halloween Fright” affirmation card reminds children that their intuition is supported and they can carry the story’s lessons with them wherever they go.

Made in Vietnam


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