Rainbow Wobble Board – Regular Size




The Bunny Hopkins™ Wobble Board is a perfect open-ended toy for creative and fun play. The open-ended design of the Wobble Board encourages children to play with their endless imagination and freedom and gives the adult insight into children’s thinking. This type of play allows children to have no fear of doing it wrong since there is no correct method or outcome. It’s all about free and fun play. Few examples of creative possibilities are – a wobble board, a slide, a boat, a seat, a doll bed, and many more! This Wobble Board stimulates the vestibule system, which is of great importance for general development and learning. It supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture and develops sense of balance.

Regular size – Introduce children to the amazing world of open-ended play and also develop critical gross motor skills such as balancing. Measures 36 inches curved length and 32 inches end to end straight length, 12 inches wide, 7 inches tall, allowing it to support 450 lbs.

Made in the USA

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