Good Luck Dragon Toy


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Slightly resembling a lion, the good luck dragon is the only known dragon species with mammalian characteristics, although it’s still definitely a dragon. It’s also one of the friendliest dragons known, a symbol of good fortune.

  • Scientific Name: Draco fortuna
  • Characteristics: Many who see a good luck dragon are often so struck with good fortune that they fail to note its more unique characteristics. It has six legs where most dragons have four. It has a tail and paws like a lion, and it has blue eyes.
  • Size and Color: A mix of white and gold, with shades of brown, the good luck dragon measures 8 inches from its smiling face to the end of its tail.
  • The Good Luck Dragon is part of the Dragons collection.
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Good Luck Dragons are an old species—they appear in some of the earliest written records of civilization. Legend has long held that the sight of a good luck dragon brings lifelong fortune to the viewer. Good Luck Dragons are said to have retreated into distant, solitary places, not liking the fast pace of the modern world. Still, explorers and travelers claim to see them nearly every year, so they almost certainly still exist all over the world.


Although some dragons have taken their forms by adapting to their surroundings, and others have been bred for specific purposes, a special few dragons are the archetypes of the entire species, those who were originally given dragon fire by the Sun Dragon, long before humans walked the Earth. The good luck dragon was one of these original species, and unlike other dragons who asked for powerful wings or sharp claws or terrifying horns, the good luck dragon asked only for honor. In keeping with the request, the good luck dragon was gifted with some traits of the honorable king of beasts: the lion. In addition, as a reward for his humble request, the good luck dragon was granted extremely long life and the ability to change the fortunes of those it wished to aid. It’s quite possible that the very first good luck dragon still lives today.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size in cm: 20.5 L x 7.25 W x 9.75 H
  • Size in inches: 8.07 L x 2.85 W x 3.84 H

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