Ditty Bird Baby Sound Book: Chinese Kid’s Songs 儿歌




Chinese kid’s songs 儿歌 is an educational book and learning toy that helps kids learn Chinese through music! At the press of a button, each children’s song is sung in Chinese, so kids and parents alike can learn mandarin Chinese through music.

Includes: – two tigers – 两只老虎 – little donkey – 小毛驴 – where’s my friend – 我的朋友在这里 – pulling radish – 拔萝卜 – little rabbit – 小兔子乖乖 – where is spring? – 春天在哪里”

An interactive musical songbook for baby, toddler, 1-3 years old: read, listen, and sing along as ditty bird sings your favorite songs. Educational toy language development: reciting and singing nursery rhymes is a great way to support children’s language learning. The engaging electronic push buttons help build early language ability and fine motor skills.

Batteries are included in the book.

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