Candie Collection




Socks that stay on!! 

For those beautiful, spunky, creative, spirited, and imaginative little girls we all know and adore. Let’s be honest, spunky is just a nice way of saying you might want to find an excuse little Susie can’t come over for a play date this week. 

Sock Designs: 
Lollipop, Unicorn, Donuts

Sold as a pack of three pairs, one of each design

100% polyester wicks moisture away from little one’s feet keeping them dry. Oh, and added bonuses, no shrinking or wrinkling, yay! 

Silicone dots on inside cuff


Wash before use. Gentle cycle with like colors, no bleach and no tumble drying. Did you just read this, roll your eyes, laugh uncontrollably and question whether or not we actually have kids? Don’t worry, we’ve put these socks through the ringer and have thrown them in every random load of laundry (and you know it never ends), including some serious tumble dry sessions and they come out beautifully! Best garment longevity advice? Follow the packaging instructions. Honest parental advice? Do what you need to do.

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